Bad news, good news

Bad news first. We've decided to postpone the 2021 HSSF Executive Conference until 2022.

COVID has raised many barriers to attendance, including health systems' travel restrictions, individual's reluctance to travel, short staffing back at the home office, and a need for some support services leaders stay in the office to deal with the surge. We're also concerned about the risks of travel and gatherings to individuals and public health. Last week several participants cancelled their registrations, telling us it was time to make this move. We regret the inconveniences this will cause.

Now the good news. UCLA Health has graciously offered to reschedule the event to sometime in 2022, date TBD. Norm Lantz and his team have an exciting in-person agenda ready to go, and it will no doubt be even better by the time we meet. More support services leaders will be able to attend. We'll be in touch when we know more about the specifics. 

Part of the original 2021 conference is the continuation on November 5. We're reworking our agenda, but can tell you we plan to offer sessions on that day and beyond. Details to follow.

If you've paid for conference registration, we'll reimburse you. We'll be in touch to make arrangements.

Norm Lanz



Hi, I’m Norm Lantz. I’m so disappointed we had to postpone this year's conference. Because there is such a strong desire from HSSF member hospitals to network and learn from our championship support services team, I committed to hosting the 2022 conference. Do not fear, we will get you out to LA!

Norm Lantz
Senior Director, General Services, UCLA Health